Double Roasted


Double Roasted is a single-screen video work featuring the artist, donning a wig and dancing in the guise of a belly dancer.  Exhibited on a small video screen, Double Roasted literally refers to the double-roasted Turkish delight, a sweet that is smaller and darker than the regular Turkish delight.   The small screen creates an intimate relationship with the viewer.

As with the artist’s work Turkish Delight, though utilizing completely different footage, the act of belly dancing is meant to attract.  The dancer’s soul and unengaged demeanor ultimately convey the opposite:  her disinterest in the male beholder.  Though repelled by him, she nevertheless needs him to sustain herself.  Consequently, the dancer is both a tragic and comic character.

The piece, a semi-fictitious self-portrait, also touches upon notions of the West’s gaze towards Turkey and its definitions of the exotic.