MCA, Sydney, Australia, 2005

1+1=1 takes as its subject a woman who is Turkish but lives on the Southern Greek side of the island of Cyprus. She has two divided and very emotionally charged stories. One side tells of her escape from the Greek massacres of the Turks before the Turkish intervention, and the other side recounts her escape from living under Turkish nationalism and her reaction to this experience after the invasion. She is divided in two, like the island itself, going from one side to another, constantly escaping from one half of the island to the other, although it is risky to cross the green line that divides the two geographies.

The work consists of two large video projections that can be projected on any two walls that form a corner. The two screens touch each other exactly at the line where two walls touch each other. It appears as if the same woman with the same outfit and appearance is sitting at opposite ends of the same table and that the two figures are recounting their opposing but also uniting experiences to each other. One woman talks about her experiences as a Cypriot on the Greek side of the divided island of Cyprus and the other woman as a Cypriot on the Turkish side of the divided island.