Mesopotamian Dramaturgies / Journey to the Moon (sculpture)


Cosmic Latte: A Selection from the Borusan Collection, Borusan Music House, Istanbul, 2010

Our perception of the world is further challenged by Journey to the Moon (2009), a large-scale sculpture that is related to a film installation by the same name, in which a narrator tells a story of a village in Eastern Turkey that tries to go to the moon. This sculpture represents a key part of the narrative. Originally the minaret from the village mosque, it is transformed by the villagers into a rocket that, powered by large balloons, lifts them up and off, presumably into space. 

This absurd tale exposes the pitfalls of language, the basis of history. Trapped in words and symbols we cease to see clearly. Ataman’s sculpture shocks us out of our complacency and reveals the shape of our perception.