Carnegie International, Pittsburg, USA, 2005

Commissioned by:
Artangel, London
54th Carnegie International 2004/2005, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh
Lehmann Maupin Gallery, New York 
Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (TBA21) Vienna
Theater der Welt 2005, Stuttgart
Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

Küba takes its name from a shanty town neighborhood in Istanbul. The name of the town is not official. It is an invention of its residents.

This 40 monitor installation is an island of 40 narratives. The viewer walks through these, and haphazardly chooses which subject’s story to listen to. This allows each viewer to come away with their unique experience, and understanding of what the story of Küba is.

The residents have very modest backgrounds, living as social outcasts on the outskirts of the city. Yet their strong characters are a testimony to the fact that they are at the very center of their own realms. As the residents tell their very individual stories, they exercise yet another quite unexpected construction. Almost like a beehive at work, telling their own personal narratives, they construct a shared singular identity, namely being a Küban. The meaning of being an individual; of belonging to a community; the rules of belonging and of being an outsider; the nature of identity as a cultural construction; the nature of the being at the receiving end of that narrative construct as the viewer; - these become some of the main questions of Küba.