kutluğ ataman's semiha b. unplugged


MCA, Sydney, Australia, 2005

Kutluğ Ataman’s video kutluğ ataman’s semiha b. unplugged takes as its subject Turkey's first opera singer, Semiha Berksoy. Ataman’s concern is to present the entire life of this individual, who either lies about or exaggerates her past. The viewer can not help but accept the presented reality as it appears on the screen, trying to make sense of the blurred area between fiction and reality. Screened as a documentary with evidential information and interviews, the piece lasts for almost eight hours, imitating both the format and structure of mythology as well as attempting to recreate the fragmented nature of real life as opposed to the carefully structured form of a film or interview. The artist’s aim is to lure the viewer into questioning his or her own passive position by doubting and questioning the reality of the presented documentary information.