Stefan's Room


Istanbul Modern, Istanbul, Turkey, 2010

This video sculpture has the form of a room-like structure floating in the air. The work's title not only suggests Stefan’s psyche and his obsession with tropical moths, but also explicitly describes the actual work: a room. Projections are on all five screens. One of the projections tells a story. This screen is called the narration wall. The other screens show images of the moths, huge and displaying all their colours, and include pinned dead moths. These screens are called the left, right, back and ceiling walls. Ataman sees this cocoon-like structure as a metaphor for Stefan’s desire to be something else, whilst all the time having to confine himself within a structure. This could be his room, or his head containing his special world. The effect is both playful and beautiful but, at the same time, also eerie. The work aims to both inviting and disturbing, as if walking into a man’s head and into his thoughts.